Cook County made changes to the eFileIL system that took effect on July 12, 2021 for their Probate, Domestic Relations, and Domestic Violence (Civil) Divisions.

Motion Types in the Probate, Domestic Relations, and Domestic Violence (Civil) Divisions

Filers will no longer select a motion type in the Case Cross Reference portion of Section 1. Instead you will select the appropriate document type and motion type in the filing.

Select the Document Type in Section 2

Select the appropriate Document Type for the motion in the section marked 2. Add Documents.
Select Motion Document Type
Then select the appropriate security setting and any optional services in 3. Security & Optional Services.

Select the Motion Type in Section 4, Additional Info

In section 4. Additional Info, select your motion type from the drop down. There will be more motion codes than before, so please select the one that fits the case type or motion type you are filing. Select Motion Hearing – Type Not Listed if no other option fits your filing.
Select Motion Type

Hearing Dates in the Probate Division Only

You will no longer have to file a subsequent filing to schedule your Opening Case Management Hearing Date. The system will now generate your Opening Case Management date when your new case is accepted. The court date and time will print on the face of your eFiled documents.